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What I offer

Therapeutic services

Fiona uses a multidisciplinary approach to her therapeutic work which combines different therapeutic modalities to best suit the needs of each individual client.  Read more about Fiona's training below.



I use a combination of 


In Filial Therapy I train the parent(s) to conduct child-centred play sessions with their children at home. I provide the parent(s) with the therapeutic skills required to help children address the big feelings underlying the child's challenging behaviours and poor functioning. Filial Therapy has achieved successful outcomes with many child and family difficulties such as challenging behaviour, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, chronic illness and traumatic events, amongst others.

Playing with Wooden Alphabets


Dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP)

DDP is a form of therapy that uses what is known about developmental trauma to help children and families with their relationships. This process results in the child developing a new understanding of themselves as well as in healing of past trauma; it also increases their sense of safety within current relationships, and thus their attachment security.

Therapeutic life story work

Indicated for children who are adopted, fostered or in care, Therapeutic Life Story Work (TLSW) helps the child to make sense of their life story and to address the feelings and beliefs regarding the losses and traumas associated with the major life events in their short lives. TLSW involves the child's primary carer and is done through art and play. This helps the child to experience that their primary attachment figure, together with the therapist, can hear, emotionally hold and validate their often painful and traumatic story.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys


Theraplay® is an interactive form of therapy that typically involves one child and their parents/carers. The emphasis is on playing together in a manner that enhances regulation, attachment, self-esteem, and joy in the family. Regular sessions, as well as practice at home, result in the child's changed sense of self (I am worthy and lovable) and of relationships (relating to others can be positive and rewarding).

Child Painting Model Airplane
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